Welcome to my portfolio

Discovery and Evolution are two great words to assist in summing up my experience in this class. The discovery of some pretty remarkable facts about Canada pre-confederation and the evolution of my learning about what it really means to do history, critically thinking in a historical manner, and learning about researching and how crucial it is to dig deep and understand the kind of research materials we use and why.

I chose a butterfly for my main picture because of the metamorphosis that a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly. Much like this process I would liken my learning. I feel far more prepared to take on research and delve into asking questions like: Who wrote this? When was this piece written? Are there any specific biases that might come from the person and placement of this writing? To me this has introduced a more fulfilling take-away.

What a beautiful idea, to fly away with one’s newly obtained knowledge, like a butterfly falling from it’s cocoon for the very first time,  and instead of dropping to the ground as a caterpillar would, feeling the wind capture its silken wings and change its course forever.